Murata Machinery Group Privacy Statement

Last updated: 5 September 2018


We, Murata Machinery, Ltd. shall, in compliance with the laws and regulations applicable to protection of personal data, process personal data in an accurate and safe manner, in accordance with the following principles.


1. The Purposes of Personal Data Processing

We shall process the personal data for the following purposes:

(1) Contact with customers such as:

  • Response to inquiries for products and services;
  • Visit to customers, mailing catalogues, provision of information for products and services via phone and e-mail;
  • Delivery of products and maintenance parts and performance of installation and other services;
  • Performance of after sales services and other maintenance services; and
  • Collection and management of accounts receivable.

(2) Contact with suppliers such as:

  • Procurement of material, services and consumable goods, and giving instructions to service suppliers; and
  • Payment and management of accounts payable.

(3) Contact with job applicants such as:

  • Sending information and materials including invitation to recruitment PR event
  • Review and decision of acceptance
  • Sending documents to prospective employees
  • Checking identification of job applicants
  • Fabricating statistical recruitment data.

(4) Contact with our stakeholders such as:

  • Outside experts including attorney, tax accountant, research institute;
  • Administrative body; and
  • Local community.

(5) Miscellaneous purposes such as:

  • Analysis of access to our website and improvement of the website; and
  • Response to claims and consultations other than (1) – (4) above.

(6) Provision to a third party for the purpose (1) – (5) above.


2. Legal Basis of Processing Personal Data

We shall process personal data on the condition that we have one of the following legal bases:

(1) We have obtained the consent of the data subject or have communicated required matters to the data subject in accordance with applicable laws and regulations;

(2) The processing is necessary to perform the obligations under the contract with the data subject;

(3) The processing is necessary for us to fulfil our legal obligations; or

(4) The processing is necessary to secure legitimate interests pursued by us.


3. Providing Personal Data to a Third Party

(1) If we provide personal data concerning a data subject to a third party, we shall communicate the information of the recipient to the data subject as part of the processing of personal data based on the applicable legal basis.

(2) If we transfer personal data from the territory of European Economic Area (EEA) to outside the EEA, we shall implement safeguards required under applicable laws and regulations.


4. Taking Actions on the Rights of Data Subjects

Upon any data subject’s requests, we shall take appropriate actions on the processing of his/her personal data in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. The requests of the data subject shall include:

(1) Access to the personal data;

(2) Rectification or erasure of the personal data;

(3) Restriction on the processing of the personal data;

(4) Lodging a complaint against the processing of the personal data
(The data subject may lodge a complaint with the competent supervisory authority.);

(5) Data portability of the personal data;

(6) Withdrawal of consent on the processing of the personal data; and

(7) Contest against the processing of the personal data.


5. Safeguards for the Protection of Personal Data

We shall implement appropriate, necessary measures against, including but not limited to, illegal access, computer viruses to prevent incidents such as loss, destruction, manipulation or leakage of personal data. We shall also provide appropriate, necessary supervision over employees, contracted processors, etc. to ensure the protection of personal data.


6. Inquiry Contacts

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