The ML2141 provides fast and reliable laser levelling solution for accurate measurements and surveying. It has a long working range of 20m with its powerful red laser emitter that projects 4 vertical and 1 horizontal lines. The ML2141 is IP54 rated for durability and use in harsh and difficult environments.

The ML2141 will be your best investment for a cost-effective solution to your surveying and measurement needs.




High Power 4VH1D Class II Red Laser

±1mm/5m Accuracy

Magnetic Damping Pendulum System

±3° Self-Levelling Range

Indoor and Outdoor Mode

IP54 Water and Dust Protection



High Power Laser


Extra high luminance red lasers are directly emitted from ML 2141’s laser diode to project clear, stable, and highly visible laser lines.

Accurate Laser Measure



Highly accurate measurements with errors no larger than 1mm every 5m can be taken with ML2141’s single horizontal laser and four lines of vertical laser.

Dual Power Supply


The ML2141 can either be powered using 4 AA batteries or AC power directly from an outlet. Any regular batteries should be removed from the unit when using an AC power supply.



Product Name ML2141
Laser Type 4V1H1D
Laser Diode Wavelength Class II 635nm Red Laser
Accuracy ± 1mm/5m
Working Range 20m (normal), 70m (with receiver)
Failure Range ≥ 3° slant (laser lines will flicker)
Self-Levelling System Magnetic Damping Pendulum System
Self-Levelling Speed < 4s
Operating Temperature -10°C to 50°C
Dimensions Ø85 x 156mm
Weight 0.9 kg
Packaging Aluminium box



A set of ML2241 comes with the following standard accessories.


Carrying Case

AA Batteries

Safety Glasses


Receiver (Optional)