Palletizing Robots: Industry-Specific Features

A Palletizing/de-palletizing robot can detect load that is slightly misaligned or out of position. The robot recognizes objects in three dimensions, identifies objects in real time on monitor screens, and can accurately handle load that are misaligned from position.

Customized Industry-Specific Solutions

Industry Features
Foodstuffs manufacturing
Manufacturing Process
High speed palletizing permits storage of products from multiple line onto a single pallet. All handling is done by the robot and is thus optimal for handling of items like bags or other easily damageable goods. Can work in combination with space storage, enabling simultaneous storage of multiple brands. Automatic sorting and traceability control is facilitated through ITF bar coding.
Foodstuffs manufacturer
Delivery Process
Cases to be shipped are automatically picked by order. Palletizing is done automatically taking into account shipping efficiency and load stability based on delivery simulations.