Sorting Systems

Steel Belt Sorter

Steel belt transport has superior durability.
Loads are pushed out and sorted by a diverter.
• Utilizes carbon steel belts with superior durability for a longer lifespan.
• Simple structure improves maintainability reduces operating costs.
• Can be used for a wide variety of loads including: folding containers, cartons, irregular shaped goods and heavy products.

Industry-specific features

Cross Belt Sorter

Loads are transferred using trays composed of short belt conveyors. Loads are reliably and gently sorted by the conveyors.
• Conveyor method which is gentle on loads with little impact or shock during transport.
• Unique versatility provides reliable sorting of high friction mail items(bagged, thin, small, etc.)
• Linear induction motor makes low noise operation.
• Simple non-contact power supply lengthens system lifespan, improves sustain ability, and constrains operating costs.
• Compatible with a large variety of chutes and basic specifications is capable of right angle sorting, left/right sorting, and sorting in small spaces.

Industry-specific features