Autonomous Floor Scrubber Dryer BUDDY


No Software Engineers and No Programming Required!

Low Cost & Simple Operation

Buddy is an autonomous floor cleaning robot designed for the commercial cleaning of hard-tiled flooring. As it moves along its cleaning path, Buddy will wash, scrub, vacuum, and dry the floor in one fluid motion, leaving behind a dry and pristine floor surface.

Buddy can be operated by anyone who is competent of operating a manual floor scrubber. All the operator needs to do is to run through the desired cleaning path with Buddy once.

Subsequently, when placed in autonomous mode, Buddy will replicate exactly what the operator did. It will move through the same path, at the same speed, dispense the same amount of cleaning solution and apply the same amount of pad pressure at each point of the cleaning.

Buddy can memorize up to 64 different routes and is flexible enough to operate in different areas within a premise without the need for the operator to do repetitive ‘teaching” once Buddy has ‘learned’ an area.


Higher Productivity with Manpower Saving

High Cleaning Performance

Engineered for superior floor scrubbing and drying, Buddy consistently delivers high quality autonomous cleaning. High capacity batteries and twin 50-litre tanks ensure that Buddy will go further and last longer before it needs to be recharged and refilled.

Powerful sensors detect an obstacle, halting operation immediately and resuming when the obstacle is removed, ensuring no spots are left uncleaned on the floor. It is also equipped with voice guidance and an on-board video recorder for safe operation. Buddy also functions normally in pitch-black conditions, making it an ideal choice for unsupervised night-time cleaning.


Description Specifications
Cleaning Capability Autonomous mode: 1200 m2/h (running speed 2.4 km/h)
Manual Mode: 1650 m2/h (running speed 3.3 km/h)
Cleaning Area (width) 508 mm
Pad / Brush Diameter 508 mm
Brush Pressure Up to 40 kg
Brush Rotating Speed 150 rpm
Capacity of Water Storage
(clean/dirty water)
50/50 litres
Squeegee 870 mm
Vacuum Motor 380W
Drive System Auto-driving / Self-driving
Drive Motor 200W x 2 (both left and right)
Battery 4 x 6 240Ah, with tubular technology for 1200 charging cycles
Continuous Running Time Approx. 4 hours
Dimension W650 x L1400 x H970 mm
Weight 330 kg (incl. inner battery)



Autonomous Floor Scrubber Dryer BUDDY