Autonomous Room Service Robot


Reliable Service. Manpower Saving. Excitement.

The MSR-100A is designed to serve dual purposes of autonomous small package delivery and mobile advertisement. It utilizes the Intelligent Transfer Navigation System (IT’s NAVI) to move on its own from one point to another while avoiding obstacles along the way.

Envisioned as a hassle-free hotel room service robot with the purpose of cutting down manpower spent on room deliveries, the MSR-100A can be effectively utilized to safely courier small to medium sized items less than 30kg from one indoor location to another. The MSR-100A can also be asked to roam an open area, such as the lobby, where it will greet guests, display messages, and dispense snacks and drinks. Last but not least, the MSR-100A is outfitted with proximity sensors and a collision prevention system to provide an exciting yet safe experience for guests.