AMHS for Semiconductor Fab.

High Density Reticle Stocker CDRX (Clean Depot Reticle/POD Stocker)

With shrinking design nodes, Reticle protection is required to reduce haze and crystal growing. CDRX is a combination storage system to store Reticle and Pod separately. It prevents the Reticle haze and the crystal growing by use of CDA and N2 Purging. In addition, the optional Anti-Seismic Function will guard Reticles from the breakage in case of earthquake.


Cycle Time(s) Input 60 sec.
Reticle Storage (Purging) 1,920 cells
POD Storage (Purging Option) 60 PODs
Reticle Storage by Patented Reticle Storage Cell
Storage Cleanliness ISO CLASS 1
Anti-Seismic Function (Option) SN:633gal, EW786gal (The Great East Japan Earthquake Requirements)